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Lays within the mind besides that which is defined by more than two
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I'm back here to see when I graduated
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Tuesday Thoughts
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Presidential Biogaphy Reading List
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Something about this song makes me very happy

Multiphasi - For the love of God, you idiot...
jee - Why, Neil?
molly - i don't know why
lara - bananas
stacey - so uh... i graduated
Justin - hello quieter audience than facebook or twitter
UKJunglist - What's Up?
other alice - Ahem
cory - Movies Seen In The Theater In 2012 In Order Of Preference - Best To Worst
emily - 2012 Movies (so far)
dog - A question
rld - Nice find!
eava - Make that
el tim - Edit
christahey - Movies in theaters.
Karena - My Year at the Movie Theater
d - movies i saw in the theater
sarahjean - Movie-theatre movies in 2010
peter s - I'm in.
aneesa - leave it to a gay male canadian
Chachee - Back from China
ajna - euphemism
Alton(AJ) - scootering
nate - A simple misunderstanding
Cpt. Tim - Jukebox thingy i'm working on
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skye - 12/14/17
It's zero degrees Fahrenheit right now, in Montreal. That's -19 Celsius. I can't believe we have been here for so long now. It feels kind of familiar but not really home. I don't think I'll ever...

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