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Presidential Biogaphy Reading List - friday, january 20, 2017 - 15:01

I just realized I'm now condemned to reading a Donald Trump biography to complete my reading project.

Dreams - wednesday, march 13, 2013 - 22:53

We met for drinks and we agreed we were just happy we all had our health.

Presidential Biogaphy Reading List - wednesday, november 07, 2012 - 00:20

I just realized I've now escaped from having to read a Mitt Romney biography to complete my reading project.

I might go broke... - monday, november 28, 2011 - 18:34

buying all these Fugazi live recordings.

Proposal - saturday, january 02, 2010 - 18:13

Ceinwyn and I are engaged. We flew in to Charleston SC this morning and the first thing I did was take her on a walk over the new Cooper River bridge. We had done this same walk last summer and I knew that’s where I wanted to propose to her. When we got to the top I set my camera up to take photos on an interval timer. Ceinwyn thought we were just going up there to take a portrait of ourselves, so when I started talking about our life together she was a bit confused. Things became clearer when I got down on one knee, held out the ring and asked her to marry me. She said yes.

Obama Victory Party - tuesday, november 04, 2008 - 23:06

After watching Obama's victory speech at Alice's; Ceinwyn, Lara, Mitch and I went down to Baggy's. There was a lot of horn honking, one small crowd came out into the street and slowed us to a stop. I honked at them and pointed to my Obama shirt and they cheered and waved us on. At the bar I ordered a Johnny Walker Black for myself and a Kettle and Cran for Ceinwyn. There was much cheering and merriment. When we left I accidently kicked a stool that knocked about a dozen drinks of our table and sent them crashing to the ground. The merryment stopped at the sound of the breaking glass. As the packed bar looked at me, I almost gave a sheepish grin, but thought better of it. I raised my hands up and yelled "Obama!" and was responded with hoots and yells. Lara and Cein were nice enough to pick up some of the bigger shards of glass as I dropped a big tip on the bar for the bar tender. We left to more cheers, looking forward to the next four years.

More Shameless Name Dropping - wednesday, may 28, 2008 - 19:07


This is me at the coliseum, just before I met Billy Beane.

Me and E40 - sunday, may 18, 2008 - 20:53

Me and E40

This is me and E40 in Vallejo, on the photo shoot for the cover of his next album "The Ball Street Journal".

He rolled up to the shoot late, in a caravan of white Escalades. His entourage was pretty thin; he had one juiced up thug there whose role I assume was bodyguard, his manager, and a few people from Warner Bros. When he first started talking I thought "Hey, he sounds just like E40.."

While he changed outfits for each shoot he wore one of the same two medallions every time. The first was the diamond encrusted 40 Water we're admiring in the photo above. While he may officially endorse 40 water the majority of what he drank on set was Burgundy Jug Wine from a Gatorade bottle. The second and larger medallion he wore was of a pig involved in some activity that was not completely obviously to me. It looked like it was carrying a bunch of ribbons in it's mouth, which didn't seem so tough. After trying to figure it out for a while I just asked him,
"So what's up with the pig?"

"Aw, that's the logo for my record label."

"Why a pig?"

"Cause in the ghetto, if you get in a fight with someone and bust em up, people call you a hog. 'That boy's tough he's a hog.'"

"and what's the pig doing?"

"He's eating a bunch of cash from a box. I saw this drawing once and I knew I had to have it as my logo."

"That's cool... but I think if I had box of cash and I came home and my pig was eating it, I would be super-fucking pissed."

It snowed yesterday in the Bay Area, - monday, january 21, 2008 - 10:51

in Los Gatos. I was there and surprised.

Mexico City Round Trip: 32 hours - saturday, january 19, 2008 - 07:13

16 hours of airport security, waiting at the gates, and flying. 16 hours in Mexico City. I went to sleep last night dreaming of baggage.

Visits from friends - monday, november 12, 2007 - 14:13

Two surprise visits in two days, awesome.

The Crew Bar - friday, august 10, 2007 - 11:27

I recently went on a business trip that took me from New York City to London aboard The Queen Mary 2. It's a boat that's 0.21 miles long and filled with old people in formal wear. I had hoped to join them for some dress up and snobbery but sleep was so precious on this job.

We woke around 5:30am and finished work around 9:00pm, leaving only 7 and a half hours of free time to eat dinner, correspond or sleep. Some of you who are better at math might suggest that 9pm to 5:30pm is a stretch of 8 and a half hours, but on the transatlantic journey we were always sailing into new time zones and having to set our clocks forward one hour each night. During the day I ended up taking a nap during any time off we had.

On the last night of the journey, after a great dinner with the cast and crew of the photo shoot, I met up with a few of my co-workers and we descended to the lowest deck of the boat. Down where the trash and recycling is kept, down where the luggage is processed, down where the crew bar is located.

The Crew bar is off limits to passengers, in some sense making it the most exclusive venue on the ship. We got in because our ship i.d.s listed us as private contractors, thus making us eligible for the $1 dollar drink specials. The bar is pretty sparsely furnished, with a few leather benched booths and tables with stools. It was lit as moodily as you can get with 3 foot long florescent panels. The clientele was the most racially diverse group of people I've ever seen socializing in the same venue. They weren't socializing with each other but in all the different pockets of people I could make out the Czech butlers, the Filipino stewards, the English actors from the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts, Argentine and Romanian dancers, the African waiters and more whose job I couldn't remember.

The work demands of ocean liner crews are so peculiar and I was always a bit inquisitive of the employees I met on board. Before this night there was a very disciplined and proper distance kept. I think there's a propriety protocol that is driven into them, as the employees of the most refined cruise line of the world. However in the crew bar that propriety definitely did not apply.

I talked for a while with an Filipino sommelier named Isaiah, who had filled in as an extra for one of our photo shoots. He had been working on The QM2 since it launched in 2004 and had a two month vacation coming up where he was going back home. After that he was transferring to the Queen Victoria 2 which is about to debut in half a year. In the middle of his explanation of why he liked being on the first crew to open a ship we were interrupted by exuberant cheering from behind us. Two crew members standing behind us were getting their co-workers worked up by having a passionate, very public and somewhat sloppy first kiss.

I played basketball with Baron Davis today. - thursday, may 24, 2007 - 12:20

I was working on a photo shoot at the Warriors Training facility in downtown oakland. It was for the June issue of Diablo magazine. My job was to stand offset and pass a basketball back and forth with Baron as the photographer caught him in action doing all sorts of crazy behind the back passes, trickshots and what not.

The last time I was at the Warriors Training facility it was working with the same guy for Forbes to photograph LeBron James. Not to rag on a ninteen year old, but Baron's fashion sense was a lot cooler.

You would think I'd get burned - thursday, may 10, 2007 - 16:27


but 50 spf applied repeatedly does it's job.

Los Leonnes de Caracas - monday, may 07, 2007 - 09:48

I wore my Caracas beisbol shirt around town today in Aruba. I don't fully understand the reaction it produced, whether it was an anti-venezuelan reaction or if it stemmed from the incongruiety of the white tourist representing a southern hemisphere team, but the reaction was definitely there. Some smiles from the staff at the hotel were cut short and at least one local openly smirked at me while looking at the big Caracas logo. Anyways 'Vamos Leonnes!'

Weird - friday, february 16, 2007 - 16:14

Sometimes I get thristy and hungry confused. As if I can't tell which of the two it is that I'm feeling. I'll have a snack of granola, try a few dried apricots, eat a piece of cheese and still feel... "Oh wait," the realization kicks in "I'm just thristy." One glass of water later and satisfaction arrives.

What's also weird is this afternoon when I got home and started drinking a big glass of water. After the second or third gulp of water, I could hear, slightly after I swallowed, a distinct splashing sound from my inside gut. I finished the whole glass without stopping so I could enjoy the unique aural and physical experience.

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